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Safe, secure, and compliant technology is critical to modern workplace success. With the fast evolution of the modern office as we know it, the pandemic has hastened organisations towards adopting new solutions. They need digital transformation to cope with the new risks and challenges brought on by remote workers, frontline employees, and multiple locations.

Workplace Technology Solutions

Building modern workplace architecture

ESyn3rgy deliver modern workplace solutions and technology to enable organisations to operate in dispersed working environments.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we help organisations build a truly modern workplace, leveraging the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to empower their employees with the latest cutting-edge productivity, collaboration, and communication tools. Our team are experts in the transformation process, comprised of project managers, workplace technology experts, infrastructure engineers, and IT architects.

Microsoft 365 = Enterprise mobility + productivity + security

The Microsoft 365 platform has all the necessary capabilities and tools to support your workforce to perform business operations seamlessly during this crisis. Enhanced email capabilities, advanced security and easy remote collaboration functionalities for your employees are some of the benefits of migrating to the all-new Microsoft 365.

MyView Cloud Desktop – mobilise your workforce

ESyn3rgy offers a hosted Desktop application called the MyView Platform. This remote desktop solution (linked with a Microsoft Office 365 license) increases productivity, ease of access to key files and documents along with desktop specific applications. This allows your teams to work from anywhere if they have internet access, through their smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a borrowed device (if theirs were to be lost or broken) with complete data security.

MyConnect Cloud Ecosystem – Take your hosted environment one step further with the Cloud Ecosystem

MyConnect is part of the MyView family of products and has been developed by ESyn3rgy, utilising market leading Microsoft technologies including Azure Cloud and the Microsoft 365 application suite. MyConnect extends the Cloud boundary rapidly and securely, incorporating the organisations that you wish to collaborate with. MyConnect provides assured access to business ecosystems, supply chains and critical partner dependencies.

MyInsight – Empowering today’s manager to monitor, measure, and improve employee productivity

MyInsight is a non-intrusive, covert monitoring tool that will measure productivity, improve employee efficiency, and ensure business security. MyInsight enables employers to monitor their employees’ computer activities and involvement in the workplace.

Intune + AutoPilot – device management for IT departments

The modern workplace relies on a varied mobile and multi-device environment, supported by cloud-based security. Our Microsoft Intune specialists will help you leverage Microsoft Intune for mobile device and application management, allowing you to protect company data whilst providing your employees with the ability to work productively and securely on any device.

VoIP Solutions – On-premise to VoIP

ESyn3rgy offer VoIP solutions to keep your business on the move. If you have an on-premise Private Branch Exchange (PBX), ESyn3rgy can support you in moving the functionality to the Cloud. We handle all your VoIP Telephony Migration, implementation of Microsoft Teams automatic compliance recording to align with industry requirements for financial and legal organisations.

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Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Endpoint Protection

ESyn3rgy Cloud-based Antivirus and Anti-malware detects and blocks any threats to your systems and removes them, limiting any damage to operations/files. Optional solutions include web page restrictions (such as social media). Endpoint protection will provide your business protection against data loss, data corruption and data breaches irrespective of their location, network or domain connection.

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Email Security, Exchange to Microsoft 365 Migration

ESyn3rgy Exchange to M365 provides a service to plan, migrate, and deploy your mail migration in a safe and secure way without impacting your day-to-day operations. Moving from Exchange to M365 will not only deliver you cost savings but will also facilitate greater flexibility whilst meeting the ever-growing demands of email without having to worry about the increasing volumes of archiving and storage.

The right workplace technology will:

Support collaborative working wherever employees need to work, seamlessly across devices

Deliver an enhanced level of security and compliance with integrated tools to protect your workforce and your company’s data
Improve business efficiency and employee productivity
Build custom line-of-business (LOB) apps on the go
Access data from anywhere, anytime and any device
Collaborate and communicate remotely in real-time
Deliver productivity monitoring for employees working remote or in the office

Let us help your business transform to the modern workplace

We provide business solutions and technology to help organisations operate in dispersed workplaces. We help organisations create highly productive, collaborative, and easy-to-use workplaces through the Cloud and Microsoft 365. Among our team members are project managers, workplace technology experts, infrastructure engineers, and IT architects, who are experts in the transformation process.
Find out more about our modern workplace and Microsoft services by getting in touch with our Team.

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