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ESyn3rgy delivers Enterprise-grade Cyber Security Services for UK businesses. We are one of the leading UK cyber security providers with UK Government security-cleared staff, committed to enabling access to the highest quality data protection with integrity and free from bias.

Securing our Nation’s Infrastructure

ESyn3rgy’s Cyber Security team is comprised of CISSP and CISM certified professionals. Our clients benefit from a wealth of experience, skills, and vision to help them overcome data protection and information security challenges.

Cyber Security services is a specialised field, requiring thorough knowledge of all prevailing and emerging security technologies. It also requires a clear understanding of the current threat landscape and the latest defence best-practices.

Our Cyber Security Certifications


Your greatest data security challenges solved

“A major focus for ESyn3rgy is working with organisations to perform initial cyber security assessments & policy reviews. Once we understand their individual challenges, we can start transforming their security strategy by implementing customised, high impact cyber security advisory services and technical managed security services”

– Stefan O’Connor, Managing Director

Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory

ESyn3rgy can assist in navigating the myriad of options available, aligned to budget and need – fully customisable to deliver your requirements. We help our clients in areas such as:


Cyber Security Strategy

We guide organisations through the process of building the correct foundations from which it is possible to implement effective, professionally managed, information and cyber security controls. In practice, our guidance includes a high-level strategy


Building Cyber Resilience through People, Process & Technology

We provide the best people in the field of technical system architecture and security design. Our CISSP and CISM certified team are experts in system architecture and security design. We deliver a detailed Information Security Management System implementation, aligned with industry frameworks such as ISO27001


Cloud Security

Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offer many native security features and services. However, supplementary solutions are essential to achieve enterprise-grade workload protection. ESyn3rgy are experts in this field and can implement solutions designed to address the challenges that come from the removal of traditional infrastructure boundaries

Data Protection

ESyn3rgy provides advice and guidance to organisations, helping them to better understand the nature of the data they handle, and also assist navigating the legal and regulatory complexities of data protection regulation. We amend existing processes or create new ones to help organisations achieve their Business and IT Strategy whilst ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is maintained


Our Differentiator is our Synergetic Approach to Cyber Security

From the inception of ESyn3rgy, Business Continuity planning has been an area of specialism established as a direct derivative of our Cloud/Infrastructure as a Service and Cyber Security capabilities.

There are many product focussed Business Continuity solutions that offer a ‘component part’ methodology that, whilst strong in their individual rights, do not provide an overarching, coherent strategy.

A Business Continuity plan should encompass technology, processes and people. This will ensure that entire operational processes are resilient and capable of withstanding both foreseen and unforeseen events. Risk is mitigated.


Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Managed Service (CSaaS)
Our Managed Cyber Security Services supports your organisation through responsibility of all cyber security aspects of the business. This includes monitoring endpoints and servers, protecting against external threats, advanced threat detection, protection against malware, enhanced email security and more. More information on Cyber Security Managed Services and Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

Cyber Security Risk Assessments
Our Risk Assessment will help you achieve your cyber goals in the most efficient, agile, and cost-effective way. Risk assessments and evaluation (where we document current security posture and design an action plan), are an equally critical component of good information security governance. ESyn3rgy has a pragmatic and unbiased methodology that will deliver a rapid risk assessment
Penetration Testing
Regular penetration testing is a vital, specialist service that is needed to determine vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious parties. ESyn3rgy partner with the leading UK service providers that specialise in simulating hacking. We don’t carry these tests out ourselves as we believe the strength of such a test is derived from having no knowledge about the client or their infrastructure. Testing can expose vulnerabilities in operating systems, services, application flaws, improper configurations and even operator behaviour. What’s more, these assessments are helpful in validating the effectiveness of defensive mechanisms and end-user adherence to security policies
Vulnerability Scanning

This is very similar to penetration testing. For some organisations, it can add an extra layer of assurance between regular penetration tests. This is typically delivered as a proactive, automated service that carries out a perpetual cycle of vulnerability identification and reporting. Areas requiring remediation can be identified before they represent a risk

Security Monitoring & Maintenance
Security Procedure Management
Esyn3rgy assist organisations in building procedures that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisation’s information, data and IT services. Our processes are largely based on ITIL Security Management best practices
ES3 Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Our consultants are highly skilled SOC analysts that are free from distraction so they can focus their time and energy on finding indications of threat or compromise. This is achieved through a combination of extensive cyber knowledge, years of experience and significant investment in technology platforms. Find out more
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
The volume and sophistication of threats is changing by the day and as such, having real-time visibility and up to date threat awareness is essential. SIEM combines Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM), providing real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware, applications, endpoint devices (including mobile) and infrastructure appliances. Find out more
Compliance requirements can differ greatly from organisation to organisation, so it is vital that a plan is implemented that is suitably aligned to the prevailing need. This can range from an internal policy, alignment with industry frameworks and standards, or achieving an accreditation in a specific sector. ESyn3rgy can assist with these challenges and ensure ongoing compliance through adequate training programmes and periodic security audits
Cyber Essentials Gap Analysis

The Cyber Essentials Scheme was developed and launched by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Its objectives outline the basic security controls within organisations to mitigate common Cyber Security risks. ESyn3rgy will work with you to deliver detailed security guidance whilst preparing your staff through education and awareness to meet the standard and the certification. The real benefit of this programme is that we work with you until you are ready to be certified and our approach ensures that you only need to go through the process once. More Information

Creating Cyber Security Policies and Processes
Policies are a pivotal component in implementing strong information security governance. We will identify areas for improvement in any existing policy documents and will assist in the creation and enforcement of new policies where needed


Cyber defense expertise to protect your critical assets

ESyn3rgy utilises a range of tools, harnessing the strengths of each to create a comprehensive platform from which our services are delivered. We can also work with your preferred toolsets. We have extensive working experience with (but not limited to):


“They’ve taken a holistic approach to our Data Security and the result has maximised our technology ROI”

ESyn3rgy provides security solutions to the UK Public Sector as a Government GCloud-12 Provider, and organisations in the UK Private Sector

Does your business need cyber security support? Or maybe you would like us to run a cyber vulnerabilities audit?

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Whether you are an organisation of 5,000 or 50 employees, you can also book a no-obligation, free IT assessment valued at £2000

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