Trusted Cloud Readiness, Transformation, Migration & Managed Cloud partners

ESyn3rgy are G-Cloud 12 and Cloud transformation experts in the United Kingdom. We make the journey to Cloud easier for our clients, so that they can experience the cost efficiency, agility, and innovation benefits of the Cloud, faster.

Cloud Readiness & Adoption

Expert advice on how to ensure Cloud journey success

We work with your organisation to evaluate your current IT environment, measure your Cloud readiness, and identify how your next steps to the Cloud will evolve.

We do this by developing an intelligent Cloud strategy, fortified by tried and tested methodologies that determine migration suitability, identify risks to be mitigated and ensure successful project delivery.

Our approach has assisted our clients in reducing reliance on owned hardware and developing a structured path to adopting Cloud services or hybrid infrastructures.

Cloud Transformation & Migration

We help you to rapidly transform and modernise your Cloud Infrastructure.

With ESyn3rgy, our agile and security-first methodology results in Cloud migrations that are seamless, successful, and secure. We use next-gen Cloud security solutions to ensure that business processes are uninterrupted.

Our Solutions Architects enable a built-to-order, intelligent infrastructure that complements your unique business requirements and allows you to migrate to the Cloud while minimising cost.

Equipped with public and private sector expertise, ESyn3rgy have reinforced this knowledge with a toolset that removes obstacles and ensures a successful journey to Cloud.

Managed Cloud

Ensure ongoing Cloud infrastructure success with our end-to-end Managed Cloud Services.

These services meet your organisation’s ever-changing demands and offers the flexibility of scaling to your needs and budget.

Complete management of your hybrid Cloud environment is simplified, while your organisation benefits from constant business efficiency.

G-Cloud 12 and Cloud transformation experts in the United Kingdom

We help you build a foundation for greater agility, security, efficiency and innovation

Cloud migration success means choosing the right partner. ESyn3rgy’s Cloud solutions provide organisations with access to Enterprise level infrastructure, service, security, availability, and monitoring. With ESyn3rgy as the technology partner of choice, we are Azure and AWS experts, and Microsoft Gold partners. Our technical services team will provide a fully managed Cloud journey, transitioning your data and infrastructure using the latest technologies.

Cloud Readiness & Adoption

  • Discovery – Inventory of all Software & their dependencies is created using non-intrusive discovery tools
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Security & Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment

Transformation & Migration

  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Cloud design & Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud migration planning
  • Cloud migration execution

Managed Cloud

  • Multi-Cloud & hybrid Cloud management
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud security
  • Managed Service Desk

Our Cloud services are underpinned by:

Superior Support

ESyn3rgy’s Local Support service provides professional and scalable support services to assist you with your Cloud journey. Offering a full range of services from basic technical assistance through to a service that is tailored to each organisation’s requirements. We provide 24X7 support for your team during the Cloud journey.

Resilient Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure enables your organisation to quickly adapt to current demands without impacting operational performance, in the most cost effective and secure way. This will increase your business resilience, reduce physical space within offices/data centres and reduce uptime in setting up new servers to meet demand.

Cloud Migration Partners

ESyn3rgy maintains partnerships with every Cloud player in the industry, leveraging the power and innovation of hyperscalers.

Trusted Expertise and Proven Track Record

ESyn3rgy is set apart from other Cloud service providers by our people. Every employee, from our Solutions Architects to our First Line Support Engineers, come with an extensive and successful track record of implementing complex migrations. As a team, we are tuned in to the latest technologies that drive innovation and winning organisations. ESyn3rgy has UK Government Security Cleared staff and have attained Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. We are steadfast in our mantra that it is not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ that is vital in ensuring success.

G-Cloud 12 and Cloud transformation experts in the United Kingdom

As Azure experts, we remove the complexity of Cloud adoption by assisting with designing Cloud migration strategies for Azure and providing ongoing support

“ESyn3rgy modernised our traditional IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services, while our legacy applications were transformed using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service with Azure SQL. The elasticity of the Microsoft Cloud allowed us an easy and extremely cost-effective migration where we only paid for what we used.”

cloud solutions | managed cloud

Cloud Services

ESyn3rgy is uniquely able to deliver a seamless, end-to-end spectrum of ‘as-a-Service solutions’ for moving on-premises servers and applications to the cloud.

ADaaS - Application Delivery as a Service

ESyn3rgy provides a complete service for the packaging of applications. We can assist with the technical analysis of the applications to be packaged/virtualised and provide extensive testing prior to release for Cloud/Hybrid platform roll-out. Each application is provided with a full Service Passport in line with customer standards/requirements

AaaS - Architecture as a Service

ESyn3rgy’s Architecture as a Service provides an outsourced on-demand flexible workforce of highly skilled architects. This gives customers access to a scalable pool of architecture services that cover application, infrastructure, security, and enterprise architecture on a call-off basis

Cyber Security Managed Service

ESyn3rgy’s Cyber Security team comprising of CISSP and CISM certified professionals can provide a fully managed and monitored security service which can be tailored to customer requirements. More on CSaaS

Service Delivery Management

ESyn3rgy’s Service Delivery Management provides a professional and scalable offering a full range of services from basic supplier management through to a service that is tailored to each customer’s requirements

Managed Service Desk

ESyn3rgy’s Managed Service Desk provides a professional and scalable single point of contact offering a full range of services. The ES3 Service Desk provides 24-hour, 7 days monitoring and support. The Service Desk operates under Service Level Agreement (SLA) time frame for complete assurance. You will be provided with contractual and agreed Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

PMaaS - Project Management as a Service

ESyn3rgy’s Project Management Office (PMO) service is tailored to specific customer requirements and operated as a managed service. Providing governance, management processes, tools and resources to ensure that delivery teams are supported and enabled to succeed

Cloud/Server Backup and Recovery

ESyn3rgy provides Cloud based solutions for backing up your on-premise or Cloud native solutions creating a seamless and efficient recovery service regardless of geographic location. This increases your data assurance. Back-up Management can be automated, and data stored in a convenient and shared location for you to access anytime from anywhere

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Endpoint Protection

ES3 Cloud-based Antivirus and Anti-malware detects and blocks any threats to your systems and removes them, limiting any damage to operations/files. Optional solutions include web page restrictions (such as social media). Endpoint protection will provide your business protection against data loss, data corruption and data breaches irrespective of their location, network or domain connection

System Information, Vulnerability and Monitoring

ESyn3rgy provides Cloud based solutions for backing up your on-premise or Cloud native solutions creating a seamless and efficient recovery service regardless of geographic location. This increases your data assurance. Back-up Management can be automated, and data stored in a convenient and shared location for you to access anytime from anywhere

Cloud based Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

ESyn3rgy can support organisations in being prepared for Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC). We can provide Cloud solutions to allow your organisation to continue working securely during a critical event. We will assess your operational needs and tailor a plan, deploy and deliver activities meeting your DR and BC requirements. More on Disaster Recovery

Desktop EUD Design and Implementation

ESyn3rgy offers a hosted Desktop application called the MyView Platform. This remote desktop solution (linked with a Microsoft Office 365 license) increases productivity, ease of access to key files and documents along with desktop specific applications. This allows your teams to work from anywhere if they have internet access, through their smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a borrowed device (if theirs were to be lost or broken) with complete data security. More on MyView

Exchange to Microsoft 365 Migration

ES3 Exchange to M365 provides a service to plan, migrate, and deploy your mail migration in a safe and secure way without impacting your day-to-day operations. Moving from Exchange to M365 will not only deliver you cost savings but will also facilitate greater flexibility whilst meeting the ever-growing demands of email without having to worry about the increasing volumes of archiving and storage. Learn more about migrating to Microsoft 365

VoIP Solutions – On-premise to VoIP

ESyn3rgy offer VoIP solutions to keep your business on the move. If you have an on-premise Private Branch Exchange (PBX), ES3 can support you in moving the functionality to the Cloud. We handle all your VoIP Telephony Migration, implementation of Microsoft Teams automatic compliance recording to align with industry requirements for financial and legal organisations.

Cloud Software

ESyn3rgy works with a range of providers in terms of licensing, software, and Cloud hosting options. These allow us to reduce your ongoing costs and improve the license lifecycle ensuring simple, secure renewals. We can support in delivering any of the below (our software portfolio is being constantly expanded) allowing you to integrate into your organisation, providing flexibility in a secure Cloud-based model:
Dynamics, Power BI, Exchange to M365, Azure, Teams/Teams Meeting Rooms, Intune and Autopilot, SCCM, SharePoint, Microsoft Partner, Skype for Business, Zoom, Mimecast


“Being able to restore our backups directly to Microsoft Azure lets us leverage Azure as another data centre for DR”

ESyn3rgy delivered rapid failover of their critical workloads to the Cloud.


How we transform organisations with Cloud technology

Although we recognise that Cloud migration can be complex and disruptive, the benefits of migrating to Cloud are overriding security, agility, mobility and lower IT costs among them. Organisations are facing the pressures to address issues with “end-of-life” on-premises legacy systems, increasing data storage requirements, or regulatory compliance (i.e. Disaster Recovery), as well as other mounting costs associated with improving IT efficiency.

The question isn’t ‘if’ you should migrate, it’s ‘when’, and ‘how’

Which Cloud type is best?

The Cloud journey is vastly different for each organisation. For one organisation, their strategy may involve moving some workloads to the Cloud whilst keeping others on-premise; or, for another, to migrate workloads little-by-little until what worked in theory can work in practice on a larger scale.

In order to ensure success, our migration team will help you choose the type of Cloud environment that is best by carefully assessing your business objectives and then applying our industry and technical expertise to transform the way your business operates with the Cloud as its foundation. There are four types of Cloud environment—Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.
Read more on options for migrating to the Cloud in this article

What should be considered before migrating to the Cloud?

The ‘Journey to Cloud’ can be complex as organisations are facing many challenges of the digital transformation age, such as the pressures to address issues with “end-of-life” on-premises legacy systems, increasing data storage requirements, and more. These concerns can be resolved with the right people, right processes, and right technology; but, for businesses just starting on their cloud journeys, knowing what’s right can be difficult. Here is where ESyn3rgy steps in with tested and proven best practices for the Journey to Cloud. Read more about our 3 best practices that will assist in delivering results

What are the critical factors to ensure a successful Cloud migration or transformation?

In order to ensure a successful ‘Journey to Cloud’, there are 3 critical factors required:
1. The right processes (steps);

2. the right people;

3. and the right technology

ESyn3rgy is equipped with tools, capabilities, and experience to help you navigate your Cloud journey. Read more about Cloud readiness, onboarding, implementation, and transition in this article

Read our ‘Journey to Cloud’ Guide, and learn how to navigate your digital transformation journey

Download the guide to:
• Determine if Cloud migration is right for you
• Understand the various migration paths available to you
• Look at the steps that ensure a successful ‘Journey to Cloud’

Not whether, but how, and when

The question then is no longer whether you should embark on a ‘Journey to the Cloud’ to drive transformation for your organisation, but rather what to do and how you should do it. Targeting the right applications to be first-movers and identifying the best migration or transformation path for each application, requires an analysis of workloads, business needs, and technical complexities. We’d like to help make your ‘Journey to Cloud’ easier, so you can experience the cost efficiency, agility and innovation benefits of the Cloud, faster:

  • Rapid Cloud implementation, designed and architected to your business needs
  • Heightened governance, compliance and security
  • Scalability and agility with pay-as-you-consume pricing model
  • High output through effective IT resource deployment
  • Continuous guidance from planning to execution
  • Business continuity with ease in dealing with heavy workloads

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