Security Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis

We help cybersecurity professionals do their best work as they adapt to a new reality

As trusted experts in securing our nation’s critical infrastructure for over 10 years, ESyn3rgy offer the highest Government-grade security certifications and IT security expertise. As a top-tier provider of risk assessments and a team of only senior security specialists, we have demonstrated to our clients and partners, our serious commitment to maintaining high levels of cyber security.


The ESyn3rgy Advantage
The benefit we provide to our Professional Partners, is our years of security experience in public and private sector organisations. Our Partners look to us for IT security risk assessment services (also known as IT security audits), security gap analysis, enterprise risk management, vendor risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and high-level security consulting services. Our Partners trust our capabilities, because risk assessments are almost always beyond the capabilities of an internal IT team, and the ESyn3rgy team can remotely provide valuable, hands-on specialist support to partners anywhere in the UK. Unlike other providers, our security specialists are experienced and versatile enough to take every action needed to mitigate risks and harden infrastructure security post-assessment.
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Building Mission Critical Resilience

Security risk assessments provides organisations with a blueprint of risks that exist in their environment and gives vital information about how critical each issue is. For CTO’s, it is crucial to see how their organisational risks and vulnerabilities are changing over time and to put controls in place to respond to them effectively.

Our unique approach to risk assessments is in our structured framework and methodology that does not require our partners or clients to reinvent the wheel. Knowing where to begin when improving security allows us to maximise an organisation’s internal IT resources and budget, saving time and money.


We provide a blueprint of risks with actionable results

Our specialist support helps you to avoid common pitfalls
Our risk assessment and security gap analysis conclude in a remediation plan that we can execute on


Is your security compliance effective for the current regulatory landscape?

Some information security frameworks, such as ISO 27001 and CMMC, require risk assessments to be a part of their information security process to be compliant.
Our risk assessment and security gap analysis will not only ensure that an organisation is compliant but will also identify critical risk areas such as any compromise of customer, vendor and employee data.


 Here to help you navigate modern cyber security

Our Security solutions are trusted by UK businesses and UK Government. Backed by Security experts with the highest certifications and technology partnerships, our solution is guaranteed and tested for optimal recovery.

Crown Commercial Service & G-Cloud 12 Framework

ESyn3rgy has successfully implemented and continues to support what would be considered to be the most critical of systems – the infrastructure of one of the UK major blue light services. We are trusted by our Government Departments to manage secure and sensitive IT and infrastructure systems, including those classified as highly critical.

  • Government-vetted staff
  • Audited processes
  • Higher assurance and better support for Professional Partners
ESyn3rgy Awarded Cyber Essentials Plus

This certification demonstrates to our clients a serious commitment to maintaining high levels of cyber safety.

  • Advanced security testing
  • Higher level of security processes and practice
  • Cloud systems have been examined to prove their secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

Assess your clients risks with our help

When most workforces have become distributed due to the global coronavirus health crisis, organisations become more vulnerable to cyber attacks and other types of operational disruptions. The ESyn3rgy security specialists are here to help you navigate modern cybersecurity and partner with you. Now is the time to review your clients information security risks and improve your cybersecurity service offerings. Learn more about our risk assessments for Professional Partners by contacting our team today.

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