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Your Office in the Cloud

MyView is a hosted desktop, delivered as a fully managed solution with 24/7 support. MyView provides end users with Microsoft 365, shared document storage, collaboration and access to mission critical software from a secure, fully managed Cloud.

With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs, you can experience significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership for your I.T infrastructure needs.

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Access any application your business needs.


MyView Widget
The Desktop Widget makes it easy to access Applications, Support Tools, Mail, Drives and Remote Support.


My Places
MyPlaces is a self-managed environment where you can access your Email, Account Settings, Drive Storage and documents, Support and App Documentation.


Same Desktop You’re Used To
MyView offers you a Windows 10 theme desktop that overlays your existing desktop, together with Microsoft 365 and Exchange email. It’s a secure, familiar and consistent environment that can be delivered to a PC, Mac or tablet.

Benefits of MyView Hosted Desktop

Cost Savings

MyView allows organisations to save on on implementation, capital equipment costs, deployment, licensing, & overall management, with a proven savings of more than 30% over average desktop PC costs

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As processing demands are moved from the user’s device to Cloud servers, purchasing high power equipment to ensure adequate performance is no longer necessary.

Compute power and storage is expandable providing the added benefit of extended end-point device lifespan.

This combined with Enterprise standard security, support and service availability culminates in a substantially lower total cost of ownership.

Applications On Demand

MyView offers you the latest software versions and updates —anytime you need, anywhere you are

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Users can access their apps and desktops from any device using an HTML browser or the MyView Desktop Widget.

MyView offers the latest Windows experience, incorporating Microsoft 365, email any other business application or software directly into your cloud desktop.

Apps and data are stored in the cloud, not on the device, eliminating the risk of lost data due to equipment theft, loss or damage.

Highest Level Security

Highest Level Security & Compliance, market-leading, Enterprise standard security tools, guaranteed data privacy and security, infrastructure monitoring & management for a headache-free IT experience

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MyView contains an aggregation of market leading, Enterprise standard security tools as part of its standard configuration. ES3 maintain a constant test policy to ensure that the highest level of protection is delivered at all times.

Guaranteed data privacy and security, infrastructure monitoring and management for a headache-free IT experience. All activity is conducted within your own tailored and secured bubble. In the event of a device being lost or stolen, there is no local data to be compromised.

MyView has an anti-spam/malicious content mail management tool helping your employees stay productive by reducing the amount of suspicious mail they have to get through.


Centralised management and simplified deployment. for a headache-free IT experience

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Everything can be activated, administered and addressed in MyAccount.

From your applications to your users, it’s your ‘single pane’ view that allows you to manage and monitor the services being delivered to your internal consumers, effortlessly.

Enhanced User Experience

MyView provides users with an ‘always on’ means to access any applications vital for their role. The MyView desktop provides all users with the latest software versions, associated functional improvements & latest security

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MyView provides an improved and consistent user experience across devices.

Should support be needed, it can be accessed easily and with the assurance of guaranteed response times. Dealing with multiple support desks and being caught in the middle is eliminated.

MyView consolidates all required applications into one simple view, the MyView desktop.

24/7 Human Support

MyView support operates 24/7/365, offering access to a highly experienced team

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We provide our clients with a single point of contact for all desktop related issues, ranging from Microsoft 365 guidance to more complex technical challenges.

Our Support Team are knowledgeable IT professionals that you can to speak or access by email/live chat.

A proactive, robust and industry accredited solution for MAC Consulting

MyView was deployed for this giant in the UK construction industry. Having easy, reliable and secure access to IT enablement tools is critical

Hosted Desktop VS Ordinary Office PC Setup

What can MyView do?

Anything your PC can do, a Hosted Desktop can do better.
There are so many features and advantages over a traditional office PC setup:


Reduced capital equipment costs


No Microsoft Windows or Office software license purchase or upgrades


Reduced ongoing maintenance costs


IT support included in monthly cost


Back Up and Recovery included


Syncing is a thing of the past and is not required because you can access your MyView Desktop from any device


Save office space – no server, storage onsite


Access your data and applications from anywhere


Allows users to instantly work from anywhere with no advanced notice or set up


Easy collaboration for remote and out of office employees


Easy to manage


Easy and secure file transfer from and to your MyView Desktop


Monthly predictable and scalable costs


Ready to use

Ideal for modern workplaces where flexible working is the future


of cyber attacks originate at the end point. With MyView you gain more control over your environment, potentially eliminating any threats to your end points and network.


savings can be demonstrated by our customers who have seen a proven reduction on implementation, deployment, licensing, and overall management.


increase in employee productivity through stable and fast connection, ease of use and premium support when needed.


of organisations are working remotely due to the ongoing global pandemic, and the rise in flexible working policies.


How to make a Hosted Desktop work for your Organisation?

For every need there’s a solution: choose MyView’s Hosted Desktop if you’re looking for cloud-based managed services with plug-and-play simplicity. Opt for MyConnect – the ES3 Cloud Ecosystem Infrastructure if you need to deploy and manage complex requirements in your organisation.

MyView Hosted Desktop

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The ES3 Advantage

Cloud solutions are an attractive option for both SMEs and enterprise level – they offer flexibility, savings on infrastructure costs and improved methods for collaboration. Comparing the array of offerings and solutions can be overwhelming. Our Managed Services experts can guide you through understanding and choosing the right solutions to meet your current and future needs. Contact us for a Demo or for more information and pricing.

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