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Empowering today’s manager to monitor, measure, and improve employee productivity

Over recent years, there has been a steady move away from traditional office environments. Advances in mobility and communications have allowed many of us to work in any location. More recent, wide-sweeping challenges have accelerated this trend. Line Managers are faced with the ongoing challenge of improving and increasing employee productivity. Achieving this goal with a dispursed workforce presents a new challenge.

MyInsight is a non-intrusive, covert monitoring tool that will measure productivity, improve employee efficiency, and ensure business security. MyInsight enables employers to monitor their employees’ computer activities and involvement in the workplace.

2 Hours 53 minutes

The time the average UK office worker is productive out of the working day
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360 Degrees Monitoring

As a Cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ core in conjunction with a local agent deployment, MyInsight is a real-time monitor of employees’ computer and internet activities and presents this via a simple, single-pane dashboard.

Extensive Reporting

MyInsight collects all activity reports and saves them daily, weekly, or monthly. Analysing employees’ computer and internet activities based on stamps, frequency, or keywords and displaying this in charts that help you get knowledge of employees’ productivity intuitively. As a Cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ core in conjunction with a local agent deployment, MyInsight is a real-time monitor of employees’ computer and internet activities and presents this via a simple, single-pane dashboard.

Easy Log Viewing

MyInsight provides a visual histogram to show all the activities of employees. Colour coding is used to distinguish events and dates, saving time in evaluating key information. Presenting the data in an easily interpreted manner and in real-time ensures that decision making is accelerated and proactive.

Live Desktop & Alert

MyInsight provides remote functionality, with live desktop and remote camera services. Employers can view a live desktop scene of an employee’s computer. Also, MyInsight will detect pre-set keywords and send the alert to the management console immediately.

Enabling a steady move away from traditional office environments

MyInsight employee activity monitoring is a top-level, all-in-one, and centralised employee computer monitoring platform designed for enterprises, education, and government departments. MyInsight is designed to provide best-in-class monitoring, management, and technical support for your MyView and MyConnect environment.


Prevent Confidential Crisis

MyInsight automatically detects and tracks employee risk or inappropriate behavior such as important documents and files being copied, deleted, or sent. MyInsight uses smart rules and real-time alerts to help identify employee fraud and prevent data loss.

Increased Productivity

MyInsight monitors and controls user activity. It is capable of filtering or limiting websites, application access, and network traffic to reduce employees’ non-work-related activities. Resultantly, improving employee work productivity.

Guaranteed Data Security

MyInsight automatically backs up all files in employees’ workstations to ensure data security. Rules can be established for the encryption of confidential files to completely eliminate the risk of a data breach.

Efficient Management

MyInsight delivers scheduled employee productivity reports (daily, weekly, monthly). Reports show applications used, website visited, keystrokes, active working time, and idle time.
Benefits of MyInsight

Centralised employee productivity analysis with MyInsight

Measuring employee productivity by comparing the number of hours each employee has worked is not the best way to evaluate productivity. Instead, it’s best to look at other metrics provided by MyInsight.



MyInsight rapidly provides you the key information you need and helps increase employees’ productivity.

Fast Deployment

MyInsight needs one agent program installed on the target computer. No need for extra IP address settings.

Powerful Monitoring

Monitor multiple devices from a single pane console that can run on any web browser.

Cloud Storage

MyInsight data is stored in the ES3 Cloud. It can be accessed and checked anywhere and anytime with no need for a third-party server.

Comprehensive Auditing

Employee activity logs are available for up to 30 days for online reporting. Alternatively, logs can be downloaded as XLSX files and held locally.

Extensive Reporting

MyInsight collects local & internet activity, producing reports which can be saved daily, weekly, monthly. Target devices are monitored and reported in real-time as a single pane view.

Boost ROI, with improved visibility around employee productivity, cost control, and governance

Collecting data that confirms what employees are doing on their computers when working remotely is the first step to improving productivity

Cloud Based Employee Monitoring

Productivity Monitoring For Employees Working Remote Or In The Office

Insights give managers the power to effectively manage employees, with the added benefit of peace of mind and more productive staff to the workplace. In today’s world of cyber-attacks and strict data protection laws, any company that encounters a breach could suffer devastating consequences. MyInsight can mitigate these risks, by monitoring file movement, unusual behavior, downloads, website interactions, reporting on key activities, and remotely securing devices.

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