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Extend the Cloud Boundary

MyConnect is part of the MyView family of products and has been developed by ESyn3rgy, utilising market leading Microsoft technologies including Azure Cloud and the Microsoft 365 application suite.

MyConnect extends the Cloud boundary rapidly and securely, incorporating the organisations that you wish to collaborate with. MyConnect provides assured access to business ecosystems, supply chains and critical partner dependencies.

MyConnect takes your hosted environment one step further with the Cloud Ecosystem

Critically, MyConnect allows all authorised users in organisations reliant on each other to access their working environments in a controlled and auditable manner, irrespective of their physical location with the assurance that data is securely protected at all times.

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MyConnect creates a secure cloud connection between otherwise isolated environments. Data & processes are shared for seamless collaboration without compromising data integrity & security.


Traditional System & Process Boundary

Business Critical Applications On Premise/Cloud

Mobile Users enabled by MyView

MyView provides end users with Office 365, shared document storage, collaboration and access to mission critical software from a secure, fully managed Cloud.

This ensures business continuity for events that impact your business alone.

MyView provides the assurance that staff are able to access everything they need to carry out their job irrespective of location in a reliable, secure manner.

Partner – extending the boundaries of collaboration

Supplier – secure and controlled integration with the wider supply chain

Client – process integration to expedite order fulfilment

Benefits of MyConnect

Looking to the future with MyConnect

MyConnect addresses the need for business continuity that extends beyond the boundaries of a single organisation.


Business Continuity

Business continuity is something that we should all plan for. What is often overlooked is the need for continuity assurance that extends beyond the boundaries of a single organisation. Being able to continue interacting seamlessly with external parties that fulfil crucial elements of extended processes is vital. MyConnect solves this challenge.

Low Cost of Ownership

MyConnect has been designed to have a low cost of ownership, creating completely secure communication routes via existing internet connections. Complex planning, implementation and configuration is therefore not needed. The MyConnect service is accessed via a completely flexible, scalable, monthly Op-Ex charge that is based on use.

Rapid Deployment

ESyn3rgy have developed a rapid implementation methodology so, a typical organisation can be added to the MyConnect Cloud within a working week.

Secure & Audited Communications

MyConnect allows all authorised users within organisations that are reliant on each other to access their working environments and connected processes in a controlled and auditable manner irrespective of their physical location and with the assurance that data is securely protected at all times.

Collaborate Seamlessly

MyConnect removes process barriers, creating seamless data interaction flow where barriers would usually reside.

Protect Business Dependencies

Protecting process dependencies with suppliers, partners and clients is critical if an organisation is to continue operating in the face of a wide impacting event. When it is not possible to attend offices and meet in person with those on whom we depend, we need to have a means of establishing processes that extend beyond the boundaries of a single organisation.

Improve Business Relationships

By extending the collaborative community to include suppliers, partners and clients, the focus can be shifted to proactive improvements rather than reactive fixes. Barriers are removed and with improved communicative interactions, the natural consequence is mutually beneficial relationships that flourish.

Improve Customer Service

Many organisations have adopted internal Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and assured SLA’s for their customers. Maintaining these standards in the face of an unplanned, disruptive event can be challenging. MyConnect not only improves efficiency baselines but also ensures that SLA’s can always be honoured .

Work Flexibly

Work from anywhere at any time… we all understand this now more than ever but, constraints remain. Processes are not neatly confined to our own organisational boundaries. Sometimes we need to break beyond those boundaries or extend the limits of existing ones. MyConnect allows this to be achieved rapidly, safely and in a controlled manner. A level of integration which has historically been reserved for the Enterprise can now be easily accessed .

Enabling instant access to critical business applications and seamless collaboration for a global Financial Services Group

The ES3 Cloud Ecosystem is an invaluable tool that allows all members of their team to access critical business applications, share files and collaborate with ease from remote locations. Processes are streamlined, supporting time critical deadlines whilst maintaining complete data security.

Optimise your cloud with MyInsight 

Empowering today’s manager to monitor, measure, and improve employee productivity.

MyInsight is a non-intrusive, incognito monitoring tool that enables employers to monitor their employees’ computer activities and involvement in the workplace.

Productivity Reports

Preconfigured and customizable, employee activity reports.

Web Filtering

Restrict inappropriate or time-wasting websites your employees visit. Maximize productivity, and protect your organization by blocking access.


A necessary tool to protect sensitive data and maintain a safe, professional work environment for employees.

Real Time Alerts

Set up and catch potential problems in realtime, for optimal insights.

Insider Threat Security

Get alerted about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data.

Application Activity

Provides true reporting on what applications are open, being actively used, by who, and for how long.

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