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A key to optimising your business is reviewing, reducing, and consolidating costs. We are a managed IT services company based in Northampton, a 2021 Business of the Year Finalist, with a client base that vouches for our consistent excellent customer service and support 24/7/365.

Let us help your business get the most of your IT spend in 2021. Become leaner, more agile, more flexible, empowering your employees to stay productive during this challenging and uncertain period.

We help private and public sector clients to plan, design, build and secure critical systems
ESyn3rgy is vetted and certified as a Government G-Cloud 12 supplier, providing Managed IT Services to a UK Government ‘blue light’ service. We are confident in our expertise and commitment to provide critical systems and support

We provide enterprise-standard solutions on an ‘as a service’, pay-for-what-you-consume basis

Our managed IT services offers the support needed for everything from application hosting to cloud ecosystem design and management

Our services are structured to give as much, or as little support as needed, integrating seamlessly with internal IT teams

As a local provider, we offer enterprise-level solutions of a national provider with superior customer service, including 24/7/365 support

infographic how managed it services should work with 2 pages

How Should Managed IT Services Work? [2021]

View Our Infographic Guide on Managed IT Services

 Get the most from your IT with a managed environment

We manage and assume the responsibility of a defined set of day-to-day management services. It is a strategic method of improving operations that is commonplace among organisations of all sizes and complexity. 

Deep Industry Insight

Application of cross-industry and cross-sector knowledge to improve solutions

Advisory Expertise

Continuous access to advisory expertise to solve complex business problems

Execution Excellence

Mitigating risk from dependence on people, process and technology


Flexible service models, scalable infrastructure, easier to respond to change

Continuous Improvement

SLA based service delivery with focus on continuous improvement

Time & Resource Efficiencies

Making it easier to focus time & skills on activities of value to the business

Market-leading Technology

Access to expertise, best practices, processes & world-class tools & technologies that are commercially unattractive to build in-house


Catalyst to transformation of services – assume leadership roles, enable risk reduction, enhance efficiency & change the culture by introducing internal IT operations to new technologies & processes

Cost Efficiencies

Cost reduction & enhanced financial planning through:
– Predictable pricing model
– Reduced exposure to financial risk
– Outcome-based pricing
– Reduced third-party fees
– Reduced fixed headcount fees


Service Offerings

We look after your existing physical infrastructure and ensure reliability, capacity planning and business continuity. Support of existing environments can often involve expensive full-time resources. Often larger organisations moving to private clouds on-site or through providers of IaaS, demand strict SLA’s and experienced staff to look after those estates.

With intelligent active monitoring, extensive experience in on-site and off-site backup solutions, and teams of Solutions Architects, ESyn3rgy can not only look after your existing physical infrastructure but more importantly ensure its’ reliability, capacity planning, and business continuity.

ADaaS - Application Delivery as a Service

ESyn3rgy provides a complete service for the packaging of applications. We can assist with the technical analysis of the applications to be packaged/virtualised and provide extensive testing prior to release for Cloud/Hybrid platform roll-out. Each application is provided with a full Service Passport in line with customer standards/requirements. More on ADaaS

PMaaS - Project Management as a Service

ESyn3rgy’s Project Management Office (PMO) service is tailored to specific customer requirements and operated as a managed service. Providing governance, management processes, tools and resources to ensure that delivery teams are supported and enabled to succeed. More on PMaaS

Managed Cloud - Cloud EcoSystem Design & Management

Cloud Architects, Integration and Transition: Migration of data and applications into Cloud infrastructures including Microsoft 365, Azure AWS laaS, PaaS and SaaS. Extension of corporate networks into Cloud network infrastructures. Enterprise level service, security, availability, and monitoring. Accessibility to corporate services from anywhere, any device. EUD Design and integration. More on our Cloud Transition, Transformation & Migration

BaaS - Backup as a Service

BaaS eliminates the need for on-premise hardware by holding backups in our secure private Cloud. You will benefit from improved efficiencies and cost savings. Capital investments for proprietary appliances or local data storage devices is replaced by stringently secure Cloud storage, payed for monthly and based on your actual usage

Fully Managed IT

ES3’s IT support maintains failsafe workflows, delivers assured service levels and reduces costs. Our clients benefit from a service that has been developed by seasoned professionals over our 10-year history. We offer an IT help desk, Remote Infrastructure Management, Network Operations Center (NOC), and software support to guarantee superior user experience and continuous improvement of your IT processes. More Information

AaaS - Architecture as a Service

ESyn3rgy’s Architecture as a Service provides an outsourced on-demand flexible workforce of highly skilled architects. This gives customers access to a scalable pool of architecture services that cover application, infrastructure, security, and enterprise architecture

Cyber Security Managed Service

ESyn3rgy’s Cyber Security team comprising of CISSP and CISM certified professionals can provide a fully managed and monitored security service which can be tailored to customer requirements. More on CSaaS

RIM - Remote Infrastructure Management

ESyn3rgy RIM ensures all your systems and applications (on-premise, hosted, or Cloud-based) are accessible 24/7/365. Our specialist teams monitor your infrastructure’s availability, performance, and health. If an issue is detected, we’ll respond immediately to prevent or minimise downtime

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS is an insurance policy for your business and one of the applications of Cloud technology. In the event of a disaster scenario, you can instantly ‘spin up’ your infrastructure in our UK data centres within a matter of minutes, payed for monthly and based on your actual usage. More on DRaaS

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Organisations can live or die by the quality of their IT infrastructure. As reliance on IT grows every year, the means to support it must evolve. Managed IT Services take efficiency, speed and agility to the next level. An overview of your currents state of IT VS a managed service state will demonstrate the benefits to your business. Let’s discuss how ESyn3rgy can help your organisation achieve the flexibility, agility, and efficiencies it needs for the future.

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Providing Managed Services to a UK Government ‘blue light’ service

Deployment of reliable and secure access to IT enablement tools is critical for public sector and end-user adaptability.

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We’ve been delivering enterprise-level Managed Services to businesses of all sizes over the last decade. Our experts and teams at ES3 have shared valuable content to give you insights within your role in IT.

How Managed IT Services should work

How Managed IT Services should work

Organisations can live or die by the quality of their IT infrastructure. As reliance on IT grows every year, the means to support it must evolve. A key to optimising your business is reviewing, reducing, and consolidating costs. We are a managed services provider...


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ESyn3rgy help private and public sector clients to plan, design, build and secure critical systems. We provide access to enterprise standard solutions on an ‘as a service’, pay-for-what-you-consume basis.

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