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Digital transformation and migration to the Cloud are top priorities on 2021 for many organisations, and we know from listening to customers that no one size fits all.
ESyn3rgy are G-Cloud 12 and Cloud migration experts in the United Kingdom,  and we’d like to help make this journey easier for you, so you can experience the cost efficiency, agility and innovation benefits of the Cloud, faster.

Read our ‘Journey to Cloud’ Guide, and learn how to navigate your digital transformation journey

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Determine if Cloud migration is right for you


Understand the various migration paths available to you


Look at the steps that ensure a successful ‘Journey to Cloud’

Only 16% of migration projects were delivered successfully in 2000. Now 90% of companies are on the Cloud.

Furthermore, 78% of workloads are running on a hosted Cloud service in 2021. So the question isn’t ‘if’ you should migrate, it’s ‘when’, and ‘how’. We have produced a guide for CIOs and CTOs as a helpful navigation to Journey to Cloud.

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