MyView Cloud Ecosystem – Case Study


How we streamlined and secured their technology platforms to become resilient against the COVID-19 pandemic

As financial services firms adopt managed
services for risk and compliance, what
benefits can a tightly integrated, and
innovative managed services partnership


The move to Cloud and managed services has taken on new prominence today as organisations look to secure and streamline their operations.

COVID-19 has presented many financial services firms with a steep learning curve as they adjust their IT, operations and back office to remote and distributed working, with some having to introduce VPN setups for the first time.

The pandemic has given added impetus to the move to managed services and Cloud delivery, a model that is optimized for remote operation and caters to distributed support. It’s possible that it has fast-tracked the future for financial services.


ESyn3rgy have worked with this financial services organisation from its infancy. Whilst the business was small initially, the Directors understood the importance of implementing quality information technology platforms from the outset. This approach would ensure the highest level of efficiency, security and future scalability.

Now a leading financial services group, with multiple offices world-wide, they have successfully executed capital raising assignments with strategies across buyout, venture capital, special situations, infrastructure, energy and private debt.

Crucially for this organisation, the core business systems needed to be fully managed and with a high availability assurance, allowing their Directors to focus on the development of the business.


This organisation is a perfect example of how ESyn3rgy adapt and evolve the services that we provide to support the evolution of a business. This case study reflects the tangible benefits of the ES3 partnership ethos which is based on continuous service improvement.

ESyn3rgy implemented MyView as a core business platform given its ability to meet all stated requirements and also providing a flexible platform that would develop in line with a growing business.

MyView has been created using market-leading Microsoft technologies including Azure Cloud, Microsoft 365 and market-leading security applications. With these at the core, the organisation were able to provide end-users with the Office suite, shared document storage and collaboration from a secure, fully managed Cloud.

Benefits to the Client

The business benefits delivered to the organisation through the
engagement of ESyn3rgy and the implementation of MyView and
subsequently, the MyView Cloud Ecosystem were notable, rapidly
realised and wide-sweeping. Those of most
significance are:

Reduced capital costs

Monthly predictable & scalable costs

No Microsoft license purchase or upgrades

Enterprise-class data security

Reduced ongoing maintenance costs

IT Support included in monthly cost (24/7)

Backup & recovery included

Easy to manage

Save office space - no server, storage onsite

Access of data & applications from anywhere

Allows users to instantly work from anywhere

A simple & secure approach to ‘bring your own device’

Easy collaboration for remote & out-of-office employees

Pay-as-consumed I.T.

Instant Provisioning


“Without our valued partnership with ES3, we would not have reached our strategic technology milestones; of critical importance was to optimise risk management, simplify regulatory compliance, and use cloud resources to extend our off-premises capacity on demand.”

Global Director of Operations 


ESyn3rgy designed, commissioned and deployed a secure ‘Cloud Ecosystem’ dedicated to the needs of their teams. Whilst this retained the key attributes of the MyView hosted desktop, it additionally provides Azure Active Directory, fully synchronised native Microsoft 365, Box (Cloud content management) and Sage.


“It is vital that they could rely on a trusted platform”

MyView Product Tour Video

Making remote working a strategic goal. ES3 can simplify implementation, reduce deployment time and help you realise the full benefits of a cloud desktop with MyView.
MyView replaces the traditional capital expenditure requirements of IT deployments with a simple per user, per month payment model delivering proven cost savings.
Delivered as a fully managed solution with 24/7 support, you will never have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your collaboration platform again. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs, you can experience significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership for your collaboration needs.

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