Remote Working – Solution Case Study


How we provided a fully managed, high availability, complete IT business solution

The construction industry relies heavily on collaboration between the multiple stakeholders that form part of the overall project team.
The interaction between these parties generates substantial quantities of data and documentation so, having easy, reliable and secure access to IT enablement tools is critical.


A pivotal need for construction companies is the ability to deliver mission-critical applications,

such as quoting or estimating applications to employees. The technology needed to truly take advantage of the construction industry’s complex workflows and challenging environments hasn’t become mainstream until more recently. See how our MyView solution instantly provided end-users with Office 365, shared document storage, collaboration, and access to their mission-critical estimating software from a secure, fully managed Cloud. – Mission accomplished.


ESyn3rgy have worked with MAC since the business was in its infancy. The MAC founding Directors had a clear requirement; they wanted to implement an Enterprise quality Information Technology strategy
without the associated, prohibitive costs and management complexity.
Due to the fast-paced nature of the sector MAC operates within, it was acutely important that ESyn3rgy got it right from inception.
A key factor in this was to ensure that the foundation would allow scalability and minimal internal management. A pivotal need for MAC was to deliver a mission-critical estimating application to its staff from within a single cloud environment and deployed ‘as a Service’.


Following a detailed requirement gathering exercise, ESyn3rgy recommended MyView given its ability to meet every stated requirement and also providing a flexible platform that would develop in line with a growing business.
MyView, developed by ESyn3rgy, has been created by using market-leading Microsoft technologies including Azure Cloud and the Microsoft Office 365 application suite. With these at the core of MyView, MAC are provided with enablement across almost every business process whilst adhering to accepted industry standards and ensuring continuity of service. Through the adoption of MyView, MAC were instantly able to provide end-users with Office 365, shared document storage, collaboration, and access to their mission-critical estimating software from a secure, fully managed Cloud.

Benefits to the Client

The business benefits delivered to MAC through the engagement of ESyn3rgy and the implementation of MyView were notable, rapidly
realised and wide-sweeping. Those of most significance are:

Reduced capital costs

Monthly predictable & scalable costs

No Microsoft license purchase or upgrades

Enterprise-class data security

Reduced ongoing maintenance costs

IT Support included in monthly cost (24/7)

Backup & recovery included

Easy to manage

Save office space - no server, storage onsite

Access of data & applications from anywhere

Allows users to instantly work from anywhere

A simple & secure approach to ‘bring your own device’

Easy collaboration for remote & out-of-office employees

Delivery of non-SaaS software


“MAC has achieved substantial growth and increase in staff
headcount. ESyn3rgy have been able to instantly scale MyView to
match the dynamic requirements of this business.”

MAC Construction Consultants CEO


As MyView has been developed with Enterprise standard infrastructure, applications, data protection and security,

MAC were able to concentrate on developing their business with the assurance that their IT estate was being maintained 24×7 and data was not at risk.

MyView Product Tour Video

Making remote working a strategic goal. ES3 can simplify implementation, reduce deployment time and help you realise the full benefits of a cloud desktop with MyView.
MyView replaces the traditional capital expenditure requirements of IT deployments with a simple per user, per month payment model delivering proven cost savings.
Delivered as a fully managed solution with 24/7 support, you will never have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your collaboration platform again. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs, you can experience significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership for your collaboration needs.

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