Managed Services – Review the costs of your IT services

A key to optimising your business is reviewing, reducing, and consolidating costs.

We are a managed services provider based in Northampton, 2020 Business of the Year Finalist, with a client base that vouches for our consistent excellent customer service and support 24/7/365. Let us help your business get the most of your IT spend in 2021. Become leaner, more agile, more flexible, empowering your employees to stay productive during these challenging and uncertain times.

With extensive experience working in both private and public sectors, ES3 experts can help you with assessing whether your current business IT solution is sustainable for the difficult economic times ahead in 2021.

ESyn3rgy’s Head of Sales, Gary Witheat, gives some answers to the questions businesses are asking about the future –more specifically how they will navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19/post-COVID-19 and the effects on their businesses.

Q: Our company is looking to dramatically tighten our financial belt for the months ahead. How does ESyn3rgy claim to offer more value, cost savings, and operational efficiencies than our own internal IT department, for less?

A: With an internal IT department, your costs are much higher since you need to pay salaries to all your employees who deal only with your internal IT infrastructure. ES3 charges a fixed monthly fee based on how many “seats” your company would require support for. By offering an unlimited amount of 24/7/365 remote support, unlike most other IT solutions, it is in our best interest to ensure you have as few problems as possible. A true a win-win.

ES3 accomplishes this with comprehensive proactive monitoring and maintenance. We’ve seen it, and solved it all before. Our tools and infrastructure, along with our world class technical team and support engineers means that we often solve problems before they become apparent.

At ES3, we strive to know your business processes inside and out so that you can leverage our wealth of knowledge and experience of the best practices specific to your industry’s technological landscape, without losing that personal touch. All for much less overhead. 30% savings can be demonstrated by our customers who have seen a proven reduction on implementation, deployment, licensing, and overall management with our managed services.

Q: Our employees complain about most other MSP’s tech support. Being transferred around in order to hunt down someone to fix an issue is never a good experience. We’re hoping ES3’s support model is different to this?

A: It certainly is. Our support model is founded on “A single point of Accountability”. Our technicians pride themselves on developing close working relationships with our clients. When you call, we know exactly who to put you in touch with. This means that there is no “passing the buck” when problems arise.

Q: We realise that we need to change IT partners, but we’re hesitant and not looking forward to migrating all of our services from all our various vendors?

A: ES3 offers a range of services covering the entirety of your strategic business needs. We have extensive experience in the migration field, and as Government G-Cloud 12 providers, we are vetted and are well versed in handling this for you.
Our Cloud transformation programmes working with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other Cloud service providers, have transformed on-premise legacy software and hardware infrastructure to Cloud enabled, agile service delivery platforms. It sounds complicated, but our emphasis is based on a tried and trusted framework – Secure – Consult -Design.
The first step is to isolate components and deal with them individually. We find that the majority of faults arise due to poor installation and configuration in the foundation phase and the poor integration of additional business technologies. By taking things one step at a time, working from the ground up and ensuring that everything is done properly the first time, we create a harmonious ecosystem for all your third party services to work perfectly together. ES3 will handle all your various third party solutions, essentially consolidating them into a single vendor, a single point of accountability.

Q: How are we better off with one vendor vs multiple vendors?

A: With ES3 as your managed service provider, we are able to leverage “economies of scale” to further reduce your I.T. overheads. The likelihood is that there are several companies under our support who use the same or very similar third-party providers as your company does. By purchasing and managing in bulk, suppliers offer us access to superior discounts. ES3 then leverages these savings in order to reduce your capital and operational expenditure.

Q: Whether we are considering outfitting our team with new workstations, incorporating new software into our business processes or scaling up, can you handle this all?

A: Of course, our industry relationships extend across all vendors in various IT sectors. Our experience, along with these relationships means that we are always ‘in the know’ regarding the latest in business technology and are able to offer Enterprise solutions at affordable price points. ES3 has years of expertise in designing, installing, upgrading, repairing and maintaining business IT infrastructures. The on-going consulting included in our managed services ensures we always have a clear short, medium and long term strategy for your business. This keeps costs down and removes wasted spend.

The result is that your company is always moving in the right direction. It can cost around £1500 – £2000 per person every year to supply licences and to manage and support a traditional desktop. Implementing the right strategy with ES3 can reduce this to less than £1000 per year, typically saving businesses between 30-50% from their IT budgets over a four-year period.

Q: Our company may be undergoing various changes and restructuring as it becomes necessary. Is ES3 agile enough to change and adapt as we navigate the coming months?

A: Yes. Our model is built on flexibility and scalability. This is why we base our pricing model on the number of “seats” you require support for. Just inform us of any changes, be it due to expansion or downsizing and we will immediately adjust to accommodate.

Q: Our workforce has had to adapt to recent events and many of them are now working remotely. This may even become the new normal for them. Is ES3 equipped to provide support to a decentralised workforce such as ours?

A: We can help drastically improve your business’s performance, with a 70% increase in employee productivity through stable and fast IT services, ease of use and premium support when needed. This is our speciality, and why we are a 2020 Northamptonshire Business of the Year finalist. We’ve been supporting businesses working remotely for many years. We focus around collaboration, communication, security, ease of access and appropriate functionality in order to provide holistic, integrated and relevant solutions.

Gary Witheat

Gary Witheat

Sales Manager

Gary Witheat has been in IT for nearly 30 years and has always placed an emphasis on understanding businesses and the challenges that they face, specific to the vertical in which they operate. Over this significant period of time, Gary has encountered most of the challenges that face organisations and takes great pride in having delivered solutions that remove restrictions and deliver growth.

Gary is a strong advocate of providing a consultative approach that identifies the correct innovations and solutions for each individual client, respecting the unique attributes of each organisation that he assists.

Connect with Gary for a no-obligation consultation and assessment of your 2021 IT Spend.